Do You Know the Current Condition of Your Roof?

Do You Know the Current Condition of Your Roof?

Trust Extreme Roofing & Construction to perform your roof inspection

The first step in dealing with roofing damage is to thoroughly inspect your roof. A comprehensive inspection will show your roofer the extent of the damage and where it has occurred. Extreme Roofing & Construction performs state-of-the-art roof inspections in your area. A crew will come out and use the latest in roof inspection technology to get a complete picture of what your roof needs.

Start your roof repair or replacement with a professional inspection now.

Get a bird's-eye view of your roof

Inspecting your roof from the ground is nearly impossible. The crew at Extreme Roofing & Construction will go up on your roof and physically look for damage. We also use RoofSnap software to take satellite photos of your roof. These photos allow us to get accurate roofing measurements in moments. After a visual inspection and a RoofSnap measurement, we'll repair or replace your roof with precision and care.

Get a complete roof inspection when you hire Extreme Roofing & Construction today.